SCC Media Strategy Helps Save Nearly Half a Billion Dollars for Homeless Vets

In the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge an award we received this summer, and toot our own horn so to speak! This year our work with the National League of Cities (NLC) was recognized by PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards 2018, in which we placed first for Exclusive Content Strategy. Congratulations to all involved!



During discussions of ways SCC could provide ongoing PR support for NLC, we learned of information that had not yet been made widely known to the public: the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) planned to cut $460 million in funding from a homeless veteran assistance program.


Knowing that media attention on this issue could help influence a different outcome, our team immediately began crafting a strategic plan to make the move public and ignite pressure on the VA to change course. Using this scoop, we pitched The Washington Post with an exclusive, providing an NLC expert spokesperson to give background to the story.



After being briefed by NLC, the reporter reached out to the VA for comment. Knowing the story was about to break - and that the public response would be negative - the VA ultimately decided to reverse its original decision to divert funds before the story could run.  


Check out the story in The Washington Post, and read more about our award-winning efforts here!