The Inner Circle Round Up: Media News You Can Use November 2018

By Elizabeth Harmon

Happy November, Inner Circle! The turkey has been served and we’re still stuffed, but we’re also thankful for a media landscape that continues to change yet present new opportunities. This month we’ve discovered some new outlets that are trying to differentiate themselves from traditional news outlets by focusing on stories and issues that don’t often see the spotlight. And also… even more podcasts! What are some media outlets that you are thankful for? Let us know on Twitter (@ScottCircle) so we can spread the word!

What’s New (and New-ish)

Shoeleather: A platform for local freelancers

Shoeleather is a new national database for freelancers in non-hub media cities. Predominantly intended for publications and assigning editors, the platform aims to connect with local freelancers, who know the issues in their communities best, instead of depending on “parachute” journalism.

The Inner Circle Take: For media relations pros, local markets can be a challenge to enter, especially without having a clear local connection (which you should always try to have). This new database can help you reach resident writers ready to tell the stories affecting their communities. And while freelancers can also be tricky, they are always looking for new angles and stories to write about. Making the connection could lead you to landing a story in the local paper.

The North Star: Historic outlet relaunched

The North Star, founded by Frederick Douglass and Martin Delany in 1847, was an abolitionist newspaper, started to tell untold stories as a way to fight back against the injustices of slavery. With the permission of Douglass’ family, journalist and activist, Shaun King will relaunch the newspaper as a subscription-based “grassroots media company,” building off of its foundation, with digital platforms including an app, website and podcasts. The North Star will launch in waves, depending on support.

The Inner Circle Take: Given the current climate of injustice and rise of hateful rhetoric, The North Star, comes at a much needed time. The outlet is still in development stage, but for PR pros, this could be an opportunity to share your experts and the work your clients are doing to combat intolerance the nation is currently facing.

The Correspondent: New outlet "unbreaking news"

The Correspondent, currently in funding stages, aims to radically change news, throwing  sensational headlines, rapidly following the news cycle and advertisement funding out the window, and providing “smart coverage of structural, long term developments that shape the world around us.” The member-funded online news platform will focus on the issues of interest and importance to their members.

The Inner Circle Take: Since the site is still in funding phase, it doesn’t provide many opportunities yet, but has the potential to. The ever changing news cycle can sometimes ruin a PR campaign, burying the story you are trying to tell. An outlet that doesn’t focus on breaking news is a dream come true. With the right pitch on the topic of interest to these members, your dream could become a reality. We’ll keep an eye out as the site gets updated,

Brit + Co: New podcast “Brit + Co Show” launches as part of “Be the Change” editorial series

The lifestyle media company aimed at millennial women is expanding its reach with this new podcast. Founder Brit Morin sits down with “change-makers and trailblazers” from all walks including most recently model Iskra Lawrence and Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo.

The Inner Circle Take: According to the company, the podcast’s goal is to “inspire women to break out of their comfort zone, boldly pursue their passions and take action.” If you’re working with women leaders from the nonprofit or activism world, or if you have a somewhat high-profile inspiring business leader or celeb, this could be a great opportunity to reach young women who want to know how they too can make a difference.

Kiplinger: First Weekly Podcast Debuts

New this month from personal finance publisher Kiplinger is their first weekly podcast, “Your Money’s Worth.” According to the company, they hope to deliver “timely, actionable guidance to help you earn, keep and make the most of your money.”  The first two episodes have featured Kiplinger’s own editors showcasing their expertise.

The Inner Circle Take: So far, it looks like the only guests that have been on the podcast have been Kiplinger’s own staff, however early plans for the show stated the series planned on having three segments - including one with an industry expert. So if you’re working with someone who is an expert on stocks or saving for retirement - and they’re a pro at connecting with consumers with easily digestible information - this could be a great opportunity to get their voice out there to share their tips!