How to Make the Most of an Internship

By Laura Gross

Summer internships are a time for young adults to get real-life experience and learn about the possible career they may want to pursue. The relationships I have maintained from my internships have led to many opportunities. Two of my current clients and four previous jobs are all a result of these connections. So since the intern season is upon us, here are some tips to leverage your own experiences immediately and in the future.

Internships are all about learning, so begin with an open mind. Go above and beyond and see how you can be helpful and make an impression with your hard work. Even if it is one of the hardest things to do, don't be afraid to ask for feedback. Your supervisor wants you to learn too, and should be willing to give you feedback! Finally, make connections and maintain them. You never know where your fellow interns, managers and colleagues will end up, so stay connected and engaged!

To learn more and read a full version click HERE. This article was originally posted on Progressions on June 19, 2018.