GOT Communicator of the Week- Episode 3: Battle of Winterfell

Each week our team will select a GoT Communicator of the Week, highlighting the character who understood their audience, stayed on brand, and most effectively communicated their message.

We didn’t know we missed her, and we REALLY didn’t know that we needed her, but the Red Woman returned just in time to help save Winterfell from total annihilation. Melisandre has always spoken a bit like a cryptic fortune teller, prophecizing the future in riddles that confound maesters and social media alike. In this third episode of the final season, everything comes full circle as we see her predictions come to fruition.

In terms of content, few words need to be exchanged as she reunites with Arya. But what she does say, connects the past with the present - clearly, concisely and with an authority that forces even Night King Slayer Arya to acknowledge that Melisandre has indeed been right about many things. Her messaging recalls what she told Arya several seasons ago when she first met the young girl - that they would meet again, and that Arya would shut many eyes forever. And in one final call back, using a phrase that she knows will resonate deeply within our young fighter, Melisandre manages to spur  an exhausted and wounded Arya on, urging her to never give up or back down when faced with the prospect of death. Not today, blue eyes!

Communicator of the Week 3.png