GoT Communicator of the Week - Episode 1: Nothing Lasts

Each week our team will select a GoT Communicator of the Week, highlighting the character who understood their audience, stayed on brand, and most effectively communicated their message.

The long awaited reunion between best buds Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow came with the delivery of some bombshell news: Jon is actually Aegon Targaryen, the true king and heir of the Iron Throne. Even Bran knew that Jon trusts Sam more than almost anyone - so who better to be the messenger of this huge reveal ?

Always know your audience and utilize a credible messenger that can convey the facts, even when it may be difficult to hear. As the “spokesperson” in this scenario, Sam is prepared for Jon’s questions, knowing he would get defensive and emotional about Ned potentially lying to him, but reassuring him that Ned fulfilled his promise of always protecting him. Sam is also prepared when Jon is quick to defend Daenerys, comparing the actions of the two and leaving Jon questioning whether he would be a better leader than his love interest/aunt/queen.

Communicator of the Week 1.png