The Inner Circle Round Up: Media News You Can Use March 2019

By Dee Donavanik

It’s March, and it’s a madhouse of new media opportunities from new podcasts to tech outlets, and back to more podcasts. Did I mention podcasts? Because there are lots of those.

Anyway, we’ve got a new round up of opportunities (including a bonus shout-out to some local DMV outlets) for you to keep an eye on. Are there others we need to know about?  Do you have a favorite podcast you want to share? Let us know over on Twitter at @ScottCircle!

What’s New

Luminary: “The Netflix of Podcasts”

Podcasts are still all the rage right now, and this start-up is looking to capitalize on the growing trend. With over 40 exclusive shows coming from high-profile names ranging from Conan O’Brien to Malcolm Gladwell, the platform has unveiled nearly $100 million in funding and is launching a subscription based, ad-free model (along with a free, ad-supported model) that they hope will change the game.

The Inner Circle Take: We’ll wait to see what kind of format these shows will take, but more programming almost certainly leads to more opportunities for guests to be interviewed.

Techo: Politico, But For Tech Coverage

According to recent reports, the publisher of Politico is preparing to launch a global technology news site (currently informally referred to as “Techco.” Basically, they “will aim to cover the technology industry as aggressively as Politico covers politics.”

The Inner Circle Take: From government regulation to innovative companies trying to change the world, we’re seeing more and more that almost everything intersects somehow with the technology industry (and that probably includes your clients or issue experts).  As newly appointed head of “Techo” Tim Grieve put it, “there is no separate tech industry anymore. Every company is a tech company.

What’s New-ish

Skimm This: Daily Newsletter launches Daily Podcast

Did I mention that podcasts are all the rage right now? Following in the footsteps of other daily newsletters and media outlets looking to give you a quick recap of the news, TheSkimm just launched a new podcast that will “focus on four news stories each day, covered from a nonpartisan perspective over the course of 10 minutes.”

The Inner Circle Take: Everyone is always on the go these days, but with these “flash briefing” podcasts giving you the rundown of what’s what - there’s no excuse not to be informed. While it doesn’t appear that the podcast will have guests, if you are part of a major news story, there’s a chance you can reach an even bigger audience if this podcasts picks it up.

Facebook: More Local News

Facebook recently announced that after receiving more and more feedback that their users want to use the platform to connect with friends, they’ve also found that this audience wants to know what’s happening in their local community. Therefore, they’ll be prioritizing posts from friends, high-quality news sources and local news within our feeds so “you can see topics that have a direct impact on you and your community and discover what’s happening in your local area.”

The Inner Circle Take: Facebook is identifying local publishers “as those whose links are clicked on by readers in a tight geographic area.”  If you’re trying to reach a specific audience, make sure to you’re reaching out to their local media outlets and include information that translates well on social media platforms to increase your likelihood of getting seen. Although there has been some conversation about local media disappearing, there are in fact still some new opportunities popping up if you just keep your eyes and ears open.  

In fact…….. ⬇️

BONUS: New to Us (in the DMV)

As D.C. insiders, we’re always happy to see more local media opportunities!

The Tommy Show: Morning Radio Show Returns!

A local favorite, the Tommy Show was suddenly cancelled last October by 94.7 FM’s parent company, Entercom. Hosts Tommy McFly and Kelly Colis have finally returned, taking on a DIY-format, broadcasting out of Collis’ basement and streaming through the Tommy Show app.

The Inner Circle Take: This goes to show the media landscape is always changing, but there are ways to take control of your own programming. With no corporate oversight, the show is free to run the segments and interviews that they want. So far, they’ve sat down with superstar chef and humanitarian José Andrés and other local journalists and chefs. If you’re working with someone who is a “local celebrity” or someone coming to D.C. for a big event, try reaching out!

Ashburn Magazine: New Glossy Pubs First Edition

Amazon isn’t the only new kid coming to Northern Virginia. Under InsideNova, a company that runs several local news websites, this new glossy magazine has just launched and plans to “publish every other month, and will focus on people, places and businesses in Ashburn.” The free magazine will be mailed to thousands of local residents and also be made available in local stores and restaurants.

The Inner Circle Take: If you’re trying to reach local residents with news of upcoming events, store openings, launches or even just promoting local things to do - this is a great outlet to tap!