The Inner Circle Round Up: Media News You Can Use - December 2018

By Elizabeth Harmon

Happy holidays from the whole team at Scott Circle Communications! Throughout this past year, we’ve been rounding up these new media opportunities, compiling new newsletters, outlets and streaming shows that can serve as opportunities and resources for PR pros.

And we look forward to sharing even more opportunities that may  await us in 2019! What are some that you are most excited about? We’d love to hear your thoughts - let us know on Twitter at @ScottCircle!

Plan3000: New Platform for Youth Activists

While still in the funding stages, Plan3000 aims to be a meaningful news source for millenial and Gen Z audiences around activism issues such as climate change, women’s rights, inequality and more. The content will be organized into themed albums and tracks. It will be generated by youth writers and aggregated news from syndicated partners and social innovation influencers.

Inner Circle Take: Millennials and Gen Zs are at the forefront of social change, leading national movements on gun control and family separation. This platform gives a voice to those activists and presents an opportunity for PR pros who work with organizations and young persons looking to spread awareness for their social causes.

Washington Post Technology 202: New Tech Policy Newsletter

The Technology 202, a new weekday morning newsletter, will cover the intersection of the technology industry and policy, from White House and Congressional tech initiatives to artificial intelligence and privacy. The newsletter will feature a curated collection of Washington Post reporting covering tech in Washington, San Francisco and Seattle.

Inner Circle Take: The tech industry has faced heavy criticism over content regulation and privacy and is expected to face continued pressure form Washington lawmakers and regulators. While the newsletter only aggregates content from within the outlet, this is still a essential resource for PR pros monitoring the tech industry as the issue continues to evolve. The newsletter will help you identify reporters writing about the topics you are following and keep up with their coverage, so when the right opportunity arises, you are ready to pitch!

BBC News 'Cut Through the Noise: A New Facebook Show

The BBC launched a new series on Facebook Watch, with each episode tackling one specific issue affecting U.S. audiences. The weekly show will cover a wide variety of issues and features expert and audience voices. Previous episodes of “Cut Through the Noise” focused on sexual harassment at work, electric scooters, the gig economy and how they affect our daily lives.

Inner Circle Take: Does your client or organization advocate for an issue that deserves media attention? As the answer is probably yes, try pitching the show’s producer with a unique but relevant topic for the show and how your experts could be incorporated.

Allure: New Podcast Launched

Allure, a beauty magazine, has launched a new podcast. The weekly podcast moves away from beauty trends and recommendations and focuses more on broader issues like identity, representation and beauty standards. Episodes feature influential voices in beauty, fashion, entertainment and beyond in a 30 minute conversation.

Inner Circle Take: Are you working with a lifestyle influencer who appeals to the beauty, fashion or entertainment world - but also may have something to say about current events or issues? If so, here’s an opening for them to touch upon those lighter topics, but then also potentially comment on deeper issues. Perhaps in addition to being a fashion icon, your spokesperson is also an ambassador for a nonprofit organization? There are always opportunities to spread a message to a new and different audience!