10 Hits, 9 Blunders of 2018 - PR Pros Weigh In On Savvy Moves and Big Gaffes

Every year some organizations rise above the online chatter and commentary with clear, meaningful campaigns. Some don’t. Scott Circle Communications VP Dee Donavanik gave her take on one hit and one blunder that she saw in 2018.


In 2018, audiences continued to be more receptive of organizations such as Nike who demonstrated with authenticity that they care about more than just the bottom line, says Dee Donavanik, vice president of Scott Circle Communications. She adds that Nike made the right move to appeal to its customer base. Ad Age reported a jump in sales, she says, “especially among millennials, who as a demographic have shown that corporate socially responsibility matters to them.”


What really hurts is when organizations claiming to hold certain values convey the contrary through campaigns or actions, says Dee Donavanik, vice president of Scott Circle Communications.

The NFL insists it is committed to doing more to solve issues regarding players and domestic and sexual violence, but it appears to be more interested in conducting damage control in cases involving Kareem Hunt, Reuben Foster and others, Donavanik says. “Audiences can tell when organizations are being inauthentic,” she says, “and they’re smart enough to know when a resulting response or action is only taking place purely in the self-interest of the company.”

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